A new challenge for 2021 – Learning to sketch

As 2020 draws to a close and with no parties to organise, food to cook or friends to visit, I can concentrate on working on my goals for 2021. You noticed I didn’t say resolutions, but goals. I think having goals are more concrete than resolutions. To me, resolutions define your wishes, but goals define what you want to do & where you actually want to be at a certain time.

So my goals for 2021 are:

  • To finish my 100-day painting challenge by 21st march 2021 and discover what my personal style is
  • To learn how to sketch by sketching daily too & find my personal sketching style
  • To capture significant memories in my past 55 years in my sketchbook
  • To log an average of 6k steps daily
  • To get dinner on the table by 8pm latest at least 4 times a week
  • Create 3 more asynchronous English courses for website

As we might be moving to Madrid next summer, everything beyond those goals are uncontrollable, including my professional life, but those goals already take up most of my day to achieve so I think I’m set for 2021!

So as you can tell from my title, learning to sketch, by sketching daily, is a new adventure for me. I finally feel ready to set aside any notions of achieving perfection, imitating reality…and sometimes even perspective, in my attempts to sketch my life. One reason to this lack of fear of ridicule is the fact that I’m now 55, I’ve achieved a lot, travelled a lot, learnt a lot and I feel I’ve earned the right to exist without caring about the judgement of others… and also seeing accomplished artists like Skye Ali or Kelsey Buzzle succeed with their childlike illustrations is very encouraging!

“peeling” coconut leaves to make a broom

This step away from perfection and going back to childish drawing is a huge step for me as I cannot remember a time I actually felt like a kid. I guess as women, we shed that part of us really quickly, so my goal to sketch my life memories is also a great way to delve back into a past I haven’t spent much time thinking about. In the picture above, I’m peeling coconut leaves to make a broom, one of my rare memories in the garden. Can’t fathom why we are doing it and not our maid, we were probably really bored, or more realistically, it was probably a punishment!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you’ll follow me on my adventure to a happy state of senility! I look forward to finding about your goals for 2021 in the comments! I wish you all, a very positive start to 2021!


Your comments are like little virtual hugs to me, so thanks for the love!

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