Purely die cuts

The kids are back from their holiday in Spain and even though I am soooo happy to see them again after 2 weeks, they have thrown my crafting schedule (and every other schedule) out the window! There was also the yearly "Oath Monday" here in Ulm where, in the tradition of the constitution of the … Continue reading Purely die cuts

Beauty from despair

I visited the Tate Modern in London when I was there 1 month ago and among the amazing paintings there, this one was my favourite and I wanted to share it with you. Richard Hamilton's "The citizen". Its not cause he has such a hot bod (no really!), but because there is so much dignity … Continue reading Beauty from despair

Sunburst Watercolours

A good friend of mine is having her birthday this Sunday and she has been such a supporter to my card making, by ordering so many cards from me, that I wanted to make an especially nice card for her. As the sun has come out for the last two days too (its since gone … Continue reading Sunburst Watercolours

Masculine cards

I made some masculine cards for Father's Day even though Father's day in Germany is long over. It was in April, on a Thursday, on Ascension Day! In Germany, Father's Day is celebrated with the men going out drinking with their male friends and you don't even have to be a Father to join in the … Continue reading Masculine cards

Turning negative to positive

This is another post where I had to recover a mistake I made...and using positive and negative die cuts! I  have a Butterfly heart die from Memory Box that I love. Apart from the fact that its simply beautiful, its also very versatile. Here I've shown 3 ways you can use this die. The 1st … Continue reading Turning negative to positive