Book Marks

My sis posted a book club thingy on Facebook the other day. If you liked her post, you send your favourite book to someone she lists and you in turn get books from stangers around the world! I sent someone "The Four Agreements". Its one of my favourite books and I wish I had discovered it … Continue reading Book Marks

Mass production

Another good friend of mine is leaving Ulm as part of the yearly "migration"cycle that we expats go through. I had already made her a farewell card and a digital photo album of their 3 years here, but I decided to make her a bunch of cards she wanted to give to her customers in … Continue reading Mass production

Inspiration weekend

After going through a week without much inspiration to create cards with, which was very frustrating because I had all this free time when the kids were away in school, it hit me as soon as Friday came around! So I spent all weekend churning out cards (7 in total)! Dare I say I am … Continue reading Inspiration weekend

Wedding card

Not many people tie the knot these days, but this year I know of 3 people who are going to say "I do" and so its such a pleasure to make a wedding card. This one is going to a friend who's getting married in Mykonos, Greece in 2 weeks!   It looks really simple … Continue reading Wedding card

Metallic card

I bought a stack of card stock from a craft show and although they looked good, once I had them it was quite difficult to use them. They had a shiny metallic like surface which made it hard to stamp on and the colours were beautiful but hard to use. The cards I have succeeded … Continue reading Metallic card