Calling All Sistahs…Get em squeezed + winner!

Yup its that time of the month again! The time where we get together with our sistahs from around the world and remind you to do your monthly breast cancer checks or make that appointment for your yearly check. I know friends who haven't had themselves checked for the last 3 years 😱 (you know … Continue reading Calling All Sistahs…Get em squeezed + winner!

Hot Pink Marbling

Yes... another post on marbling, and its not going to be the last, so bear with me! What can I say, I LOVE the look of marbling. I love that you can use it as a background to create a beautiful scene like my previous post here, or as a flower pattern in a die cut … Continue reading Hot Pink Marbling

Purely die cuts

The kids are back from their holiday in Spain and even though I am soooo happy to see them again after 2 weeks, they have thrown my crafting schedule (and every other schedule) out the window! There was also the yearly "Oath Monday" here in Ulm where, in the tradition of the constitution of the … Continue reading Purely die cuts

Swan Lake

I'm off to London this week to participate in my cousin's hen night, but I was also very lucky to manage to get a ticket to see Swan Lake, at the Royal Albert Hall! I can't wait as its a special massive production with over a hundred swan dancers! I'm so excited I was inspired to … Continue reading Swan Lake

Mud Race and taiko

This weekend was a really busy one...especially for my kids. On Saturday morning they participated in their first mud race and in the evening they had a taiko performance. It was cold and rainy on Saturday morning when we left the house, and I was so proud of them that they didn't complain about having … Continue reading Mud Race and taiko