A Year in retrospect

Happy New Year 2021! It's the beginning of another new year! Another chance to do all the things we didn't get to do last year, another chance to try new things, another chance to love more, laugh more and...craft more! I could say that I hope we have a better year than 2020, but personally, … Continue reading A Year in retrospect

A new challenge for 2021 – Learning to sketch

As 2020 draws to a close and with no parties to organise, food to cook or friends to visit, I can concentrate on working on my goals for 2021. You noticed I didn't say resolutions, but goals. I think having goals are more concrete than resolutions. To me, resolutions define your wishes, but goals define … Continue reading A new challenge for 2021 – Learning to sketch

Painting with emotions…or not

I've decided to start sharing & blogging about my paintings again, after I heard another inspirational talk from Charlie O'Schields of Doodlewash during the Artwork-Creative Productivity unlocked summit organised by Nina Roycroft. This summit held many inspirational talks on how to keep a creative practise and combine it with a business. Charlie's talk reminded me … Continue reading Painting with emotions…or not

Watercolor poinsettia wreath

Hi all! It's the first of the month, so another challenge starts over at the "Merry Little Christmas" challenge blog. It's always an "Anything Goes" challenge as long as it's some craft object that is Christmas themed. I decided to paint a Christmas wreath with my watercolor paints. It's my first painting a wreath with … Continue reading Watercolor poinsettia wreath