Loose florals

I have been having more and more success with painting loose florals. If you’ve followed me since the beginning of my painting journey, you know loose florals have always been very difficult for me. But after painting for almost 100 days in a row, some instincts have set in and its becoming a little more “good” intuitive and less “I don’t now what I’m doing” intuitiveness! 😂

Muscle memory plays a part but also my confidence in painting and an appreciation for the charm of non photo realistic paintings. Taking courses on Skillshare with Catherin Gressieker has helped tremendously too. I love her use of vibrant colours and taking inspiration from vintage floral paintings like those of Jane Loudon or Elizabeth Twining. I also got inspired to mix a little of my liquid watercolours with my traditional paints to paint my florals. They give that extra vibrancy that just makes the colour pop off the paper!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful day doing something you love!


All my paintings are available in originals or prints. More info here.

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