Confidence, at last!

Ever since I started receiving custom orders for my pet portraits, I would be so nervous to the point that I would procrastinate the start of my painting for as long as possible. I would have a knot in my stomach all through the painting process at the fear of messing it up & didn’t really enjoy painting at all. I would also be convinced that the client wouldn’t like it. It helped that the clients loved my renditions of their fur babies but it didn’t take away the butterflies the next time.

Until this painting. Suddenly, all my nervousness & fear just disappeared! I felt confident & didn’t second guess myself on my colour choices. Things just flowed and I thoroughly enjoyed painting it! At that moment, I knew a breakthrough had happened!

At that moment,  I wished I could have bottled that feeling of confidence & open it each time I needed it. But so far, that feeling is still with me and the paintings after this were painted only with pure enjoyment!

I’m absolutely sure that this breakthrough happened as a result of painting everyday for 60 days and counting, as part of my 100 day painting challenge.  I’ve also found my painting style! By painting vibrant coloured, yet still realistic looking animals, I am able to be intuitive yet keep my need to be a little of a perfectionist!

Painting is now an integral part of my daily routine which I thoroughly enjoy and I hope I transmit this with every painting I do!

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day doing something you love!



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