Sweet smell of roses

Hi all! Today I have a video tutorial for you showing how I water coloured this gorgeous yellow and red rose, using only watercolour markers! I also have the drawing of this painting for you to download, if you don’t want to waste time drawing and go straight to the painting bit! There is also another gift for you at the end of this post.

I have these beautiful yellow and red roses in my garden for 2 years now and I have tried to paint them. I tried it a year ago with traditional watercolor paints, but could never control the watercolor enough for the red not to mix with the yellows and have an orange edge instead of red petal edges. I think it’s because the painting was not very big, an a5 size, so there was not alot of space on each petal to keep the yellow and red separate…and I’m not that good a painter too! But since having the Spectrum Noir Aqua markers, I have managed to paint on even smaller spaces so I thought I would try it again… and just look at the result! Even I was surprised at how good my painting came out! And so much easier than traditional watercolours too!

Now if you’re like me, and you’re not very good at sketching and prefer to spend the time watercolouring, use this “shortcut” to sketch the objects you want to paint. Take a photo of the subject you want to paint, print it on any paper, (print in colour and not grey like me as the outlines will be harder to see) and then use a pencil to cover the back of your printed image. Tape the top of this printed image, onto your watercolour paper. Now trace the image with a pencil or pen. Taping just the top of your image will enable you to lift the paper to see the progress of your tracing. The result should be an outline of your image. You can add as little or as much detail as you want, to help you with your painting. I just traced the outline. This is the result I got, a perfectly traced image of my flower!

Feel free to download my traced sketch if you want to. And now as promised, here is the video tutorial to show you how I watercoloured the rose with my Spectrum Noir Aqua markers.

Well I hope you enjoyed the video tutorial and saw how easy it is to create a beautiful painting with these watercolor markers. If you liked it, please subscribe to my Youtube channel to be informed of the next time I add another watercolour tutorial.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day doing something you love!


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