Always look on the bright side of Life

Hi all! Its nice to get back into crafting more regularly again and even though it took a while for me to find my creative mojo, it’s back and I intend to cultivate it again. I know that the more I do, the more the ideas come so I’m not worried. Its more difficult for me to organise myself between my new job and crafting!pink-fresh-studio-smooshed-bg-1.jpgAfter 5 years of not working with people, as in face to face and not through blog land or social media, I was seriously missing the business chitchat! But what could I do in Germany, when I didn’t speak the language very well? Well, teach English as a foreign language of course, like most foreigners in my position do… To be honest, I used to look at this job as a last resort kind of thing, and not really a real profession. I do have loads of respect for teachers in schools and institutions, of course, they chose to do this and were trained to do it.  But just teaching a language cause you’re a native speaker, didn’t seem very professional to me. Now that I’ve done it though, even if it’s only been 2 months, I feel the weight of the responsibility! People are paying me to get better at something and I can’t just “wing it” through each lesson.

Luckily my 25 years in business communication has prepared me to train professionals in Business English and I love preparing for my classes, interacting with my clients, and even after a tiring non-stop 6h teaching day, I don’t want to stop after my last lesson of the day. And I must be doing something well, cause the offers are pouring in… So maybe I’ve found another new passion in my life, together with crafting and painting!Pink Fresh studio smooshed bg blogSpeaking of which, I made this card using the smooshing technique, which is to put down some water-reactive inks, like my Spectrum Noir Harmony die inks, on an acrylic block, spritz it with water and just slide my card stock over it. I also brushed over some light blue watercolour with my Aquatint marker. The only difficulty in this method is to know which colours to choose from! The diecut comes from Pink Fresh Studio and as it is such a delicate diecut, I brushed over Art Potch (like Mod Podge?) directly on the diecut on my smooshed background. It gives a shiny finish, which is not very noticeable, but you might want to brush over the whole card if you’re a little fussy.

Well thanks for dropping by and have a great weekend doing something you love! I know I’ll be doing a weekend of marathon crafting to prepare for a HUGE event in September. It’ll be Spectacular!

Hugs, 0aablog-signature



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