After a month of not painting (because I’m heavily in to my new passion, card making…) I decided to start again because a friend wanted to see how I did my smearing paintings! Wow! I was so touched that someone would want to learn from me so how could I say no right?! We spent a lovely evening, (mainly eating and drinking because the “painting” only took 15 minutes to do!) and this was the result.


She saw a horse running, all I saw was the Alien from the movie! Luckily she was happy to take the painting! Lol!

Another friend wanted a painting with the similar colours but less red in it. So I had the idea to reuse all the finished work I had lying around which I didn’t like, by painting them over with a dark brown and redo them again.

This one I added a border and stencilled in some text. First time for me and I quite like the result! It represents the sunrise on a new day which is why I added that text. This is probably the only painting I’ve done with this technique, knowing the image that I wanted to achieve before I started and i’m happy how it came out too!


I entered this into the Simon Monday Challenge although I don’t know if they accept anything painted. If not, next time I’ll just use the acrylic skins from the left over paints to create a card because I really want to combine my painting and card making passions!


This is what I call a “left over paint” technique! I poured a little red onto the plastic which still had some paint that I used for the painting above, put my canvas on it and smeared and pulled it off! Child’s play! I call this “Explosion” because all my anger and frustration was transferred into this painting and I went to bed a happy lady!


3 thoughts on “Aliens

  1. Such a fun project! Great colors. Thank you so much for playing along with us over at the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge Blog this week 🙂


  2. Gorgeous colors. I love this technique! Thank you so much for playing along with us over at the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge Blog this week 🙂


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