Painting Frenzy

Sorry I haven’t written in a while but I have been painting up a storm! I now understand how “real” painters can be absorbed for hours just painting, painting and painting without eating or sleeping and surviving just on wine or other forms of alcohol (which obviously they did not consume with moderation…). Unlike those “real” painters, if I consumed any alcohol I would be useless at painting…or anything else for the matter…apart from dancing on tables perhaps…

Anyway heres what I did in a weekend!

elena bday

That was for my sister in law’s birthday present using what I call the “press and slide” technique I learnt from watching Cassandra Tondro video. I love the colours!


This one is called “Hibou en vol” which means owl in flight…only because my 11 year old daughter said she saw a owl and I said “oh wow Yeah!”


This I made using the pouring technique after watching a video by Fluid Paintings. Check it out its really cool! This was also for another friend’s birthday present.

And I made small acrylic skins from the leftover paint. These are made from pouring paint on a plastic surface and once its dried, you peel them off and you can paste it on your cards, scrapbook, mixed media or even make jewellery! I learnt it by watching this video from Blick art.



This is my colourful map of the world. It now hangs in our living room!


These next two actually came from the leftover paint on the plastic I used for the painting before!


The next one came also from leftover paint and I used a sock to paint it!!


But now the paint was getting really all mixed up and I didn’t like it, so I used a brush and ended up painting…ghosts!


And that was when I decided it was time to stop for the day! And I was 30mins late for my dinner appointment!!

Hope you enjoyed this!



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